Supporting the LGBT+ Community

Hollaback is an online platform to report incidents of street harassment for women / the LGBT community. We believe that story sharing is not only therapeutic but also changes the dialogue around street harassment which is key to ending street harassment. We also encourage people to ‘hollaback’ and bystander intervention where it is safe to do so.

From the Galop 2016 report: 80% of LGBT+ people have experienced hate crimes yet only ¼ of them report it and of this knowing that LGBT people are likely to experience repeated hate crimes including street harassment it is worrying to think that of those who do report around half would not report again.

Common barriers to people not reporting is feeling like they won’t be taken seriously, being unsure that they have been a victim, feeling that it would make things worse, and feeling like there will not be a result. We take all incidences seriously, and the change is for the victim of harassment when they share their story and others support them in saying ‘we’ve got your back’, and creating a culture where street harassment isn’t tolerated. Our service can be anonymous and so fears of making it worse are diminished.

Because Derby is believed to be a more non-hetero city, we are committed to supporting the LGBT+ community. Our team is comprised partly of members of the community and so for us LGBT+ issues are personal and matter to us.

We are organising a rally this coming Saturday to show solidarity with men being subject to homophobic persecution Chechnya; we understand that atrocities like these shake the LGBT community and can lead to making people feel vulnerable especially alongside the regular news of anti-LGBT hate crimes in the UK and so want to give people an opportunity to come together and share their feelings. We’ll be opening with a speech that highlights the necessity for Pride not only as a celebration but a protest still.

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  1. thank you, great to be part of this positive movement in Derby. The rally was an important moment to join together, highlight injustice and support each other. It feels like something really caring and vital and empowering is growing here 🙂

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