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April 11, 2017

Physically Shaking

Me and my partner went to the corner shop literally across the road from our house and got verbally harassed and laughed at. I am Transmasculine and she is afab feminine presenting, and we're both larger and broad. They wolf whistled at us and were hurling verbal abuse about us being sluts, fat c*nts and more I don't remember. This brought on flashbacks for my partner and fear and anxiety…
April 11, 2017

a barrage of insults

I live in Nottingham and am fairly distinctive looking in that I am a heavily tattooed female. I get alot of sexual remarks from men based purely on the way I look. Last week I was on a tram when it stopped and the doors opened. Two older gentlemen were waiting for the tram coming the opposite way. One of them saw me and shouted "nice hair" to which I…
April 10, 2017

New Submission

I wanted to share a couple of my experiences of street harassment with visitors to the site with the aim to encourage people to share their stories. My very first experience is rewinding nearly 20 years. I was waiting at a bus stop going to visit a friend who lived in the next town over from me. I saw a man pushing a bicycle in my direction on the pavement…


In Solidarity With Chechen LGBT+

On Saturday 22nd April at 3pm at The Spot in Derby City Centre around twenty members of the LGBT+ community and allies came together to grieve and show solidarity for gay men and other LGBT+ individuals who are being persecuted Chechnya, Russia. Freyja, one of our Site Leaders; a member of the LGBT+ community themselves, … Continued

Hollaback! Derby Makes The Paper!

Some of you who read the Derby Telegraph may have spotted that one of our Site Leaders Freyja was interviewed for their story “Derby is the least straight city in the UK outside London, new figures reveal”. The article describes that new statistics about individuals’ sexual orientation within the city point to Derby being the … Continued

Supporting the LGBT+ Community

Hollaback is an online platform to report incidents of street harassment for women / the LGBT community. We believe that story sharing is not only therapeutic but also changes the dialogue around street harassment which is key to ending street harassment. We also encourage people to ‘hollaback’ and bystander intervention where it is safe to … Continued